As part of an initiative to showcase cutting edge acoustic technologies and fabrics at its ‘Acoustics Season’ scheduled to run until January 2015, the Elipson Sound Tree was first presented at Milano’s Triennale during Design Week.

Elipson’s distinctive creation is an integral part of the event and creating a gold version specifically for the Ideaworks event, adds to the seasonality.

Elipson explains that the Sound Tree is a musical tree sculpture designed to surround the listener(s) in high quality audio within exceptional spaces.

Composed of spherical ‘speaker-fruits’ suspended from the ceiling by cables, the maker says the Sound Tree can be adapted to any environment, from intimate to social.

The trunk-shaped base houses the active sub-woofer while the cables are spread from the base to the ceiling like branches.

The system is classed as three-way with a frequency range of 40 Hz – 22000 kHz (+/- 3dB), a sensitivity of 92dB and a maximum power rating of 200W.

The Sound Tree is also a complete audio solution as it’s supplied with Elipson’s Music Centre as a source, so customers can play CDs, listen to digital radio or stream a music collection from an iPhone/iPad or PC/Mac via APTX Bluetooth.

Elipson’s Sound Tree is normally available in high gloss red.


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