The 18-camera system which has been included on plans submitted to the authorities has been objected to by neighbours on the grounds that it would be a violation of their privacy.

The issue is being caused by plans to place eight cameras on wooden poles in the grounds of the property called Mill House and attach a further 10 to the Grade II-listed property.

Six of the poles would be 4m high, another would be 5m high and the eighth would be 6m, (according to local paper the Henley Standard).

Each camera would be housed in a protective vandal-resistant dome, but crucial to the objections, could be tilted to face in any direction.

Reportedly the local parish council said the wide range of the cameras represented a potential infringement of the privacy of neighbouring properties and the poles would be a visual intrusion into the village’s conservation area.

The decision actually falls to South Oxfordshire district council, whose conservation officer is more relaxed about the scheme and looks set to recommend as long as the cameras can easily be removed from the building.

Away from the celebrity angle driving publicity for what is actually a relatively simple planning process, the story should be food for thought for installers.

As more high-net worth clients look to beef up security, particularly in listed buildings and conservation areas, installers could do worse than gen up on what is and what is not likely to pass when planning cameras and other security features for the exterior and grounds of properties.

Other AV plans for the property include a luxury 12-seater home cinema, created by converting part of the existing greenhouse.

George and his wife Amal bought the 17th-century Mill House from London banker Omar Bayoumi after the movie star fell for the area when filming scenes from The Monuments Men in the nearby Buckinghamshire village of Fingest last June.

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