Draper has announced new larger sizes for its TecVision Engineered Surface Technology line, with the company now offering sizes up to 23 feet high.

“When we introduced TecVision we limited the sizes to 15 feet in viewing height because 15 feet was the largest we could provide without traditional seams,” says Bob Mathes, AV/video sales and marketing manager for Draper.

“We decided that we should leverage our seaming expertise along with our state of the art TecVision technology to come up with a way to make bigger surfaces.”

Draper decided to go down a different road to some of its competitors, avoiding taking the approach of having a seamless substrate – which the company claims would have been very expensive.

“We decided to fuse a base substrate which resulted in a flatter base material with a stronger weld,” says Bob.

“With the ideal substrate perfected we could then use our TecVision formulation process to create a perfect and optically seamless viewing surface.”

Installers will be able to see Draper’s TecVision Optically Seamless viewing surfaces on the Epson booth (sound booth 2) at Essential Install Live! South which is set to take place on June 9 and June 10 2015.

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