CEDIA has launched a new education course for the installation industry, focusing on 3D audio and immersive sound for home cinema.

The association’s new training course will help home cinema designers and installers get to grips with new 3D audio formats, whether it’s Dolby Atmos, Auro 3D or DTS:X.

Taking place over a single day, delegates will learn and discuss the design criteria and installation requirements for these systems, concentrating on speaker configurations and acoustic design issues.

CEDIA will also take students through other considerations for new installations including; decoders, amplification and wiring.

Questions posed during the course will concentrate on enabling home cinema installers understand their clients more comprehensively.

The questions will include; ‘what are the design criteria and installation requirements?’, ‘what are the best speaker configurations and acoustic design issues?’, ‘what decoders and amplification should we use?’ and ‘what are the wiring considerations for new installations?’

Everyone is welcome to join the course, although it is geared towards those with some previous home cinema design and multi-channel audio experience.

The course will take place at CEDIA’s headquarters in St Neots and will run on June 12 2015. All attendees will qualify for six CEDIA Education Units.

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