Beale Street Audio recently welcomed over 30 dealers from all over the Benelux region at the BMB Electronics headquarters, where the company detailed its dealer program.

BMB was acquired by Beale in April and since then the company has extensively overhauled the company; re-building its showroom to highlight Beale Street Audio’s speakers, amplifiers and accessories.

“Our recent dealer day was a banner moment for Beale internationally. It served as our first major interaction with dealers in the Benelux, while providing us with valuable face-time that is crucial to our relationship building and continued success in the area,” says Jim Murray, managing director, Beale Street Audio.

“The reception was tremendous. I think attendees were really impressed with what they heard from the speakers and intrigued by our sales model.”

Beale Street Audio has converted BMB into its European hub. The company hopes that by supporting its international clients with faster shipping times and easier access to products, that it will see sales growth in those markets.

BMB’s headquarters will also be utilised for sales and training events like ‘Dealer Day’.

“For us, Dealer Days are as much about listening and learning as they are about selling. In a time where competition is huge and technology is changing, we offer our customers exceptional service and reliable solutions to make their lives easier,” says Jim.

Guests to Beale’s Dealers Days got a look inside the re-modelled demo room where one of the company’s flagship technologies, Sonic Vortex, was on show.

Sonic Vortex is a re-imagining of the traditional ported enclosed speaker design. Beale Street Audio claims that it delivers significantly more bass and a flatter frequency response.

It works by separating the main port of the enclosure into multiple sections called ‘fins’ that are tuned to what the company believes are ideal listening specifications.

The fins compress and move air at a high rate of speed without port noise and are also said to add to the cabinet’s rigidity.

Beale Street Audio claims that compared to sealed models, the Sonic Vortex design is capable of providing a 6 to 9 db boost in the mid-lower bass ranges.

“Directly after starting the demos we could see that our visitors were immediately impressed,” says Roy Bleijenberg, marketing manager, BMB.

“Beale Street Audio has set the highest standards for customer service and support in the U.S. and fully intends to maintain those standards here, which will continue to enhance the relationships we have built with our dealer network.”

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