Auro Technologies-Owned StormAudio To Launch At CEDIA With Sound Processors With DTS:X Support

StormAudio is making its worldwide launch at CEDIA, where it will unveil its line of high-end immersive audio home theatre processors and amplifiers. The manufacturer has also announced that its full suite of Immersive Sound Processors (ISP) now support the DTS:X 3D audio codec as a standard feature, making the line compatible with Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and Auro-3D.

DTS:X technology offers the ability to adapt the audio to the speaker layout that best fits the individual space by transporting sound objects to and through specific locations within the viewing environment – in front of, behind, above and beside the audience.

StormAudio’s line consists of 16- and 32-channel immersive sound processors and amplifiers, which feature a shared and intuitive user-interface, a scalable modular platform design approach and remote-monitoring capabilities.

“We are incredibly excited to be able to add DTS:X technology to the StormAudio line,” says StormAudio senior vice president, Yves Trélohan. “Now we are compatible with all immersive sound formats. This, combined with our advanced systems integration and feature sets makes StormAudio the most compelling suite of immersive cinematic solutions ever to reach the home theater market.”

The three StormAudio processors are the ISP 3D.16 ELITE, ISP 3D.32 ELITE and ISP 3D.32 Elite | Reference Edition, which retail for $13,800 (£10,338), $18,400 (£13,784) and $23,000 (£17,230), respectively.

StormAudio will initially offer three processors (from 16- to 32-channels) and three power amplifiers (8- to 16-channels). The products are designed and manufactured in France underneath the guidance of Yves Trélohan.


The manufacturer will also unveil its PA 8 MASTER, PA 16 ELITE and PA 8 ELITE amplifier models, retailing for $6,900 (£5,168), $11,500 (£8,613) and $9,200 (£6,890), respectively.

Each benefits from a large power supply with highly efficient high-current amplifier modules. Employed is an electronically-managed vent system which ensures temperature control, making the amps suitable for rack-mounting, as well as being remotely monitored.

StormAudio will use an independent sales rep network in the US, whereas in Canada, South America and the Pacific region it will utilise distributors and/or direct dealers, depending on the opportunities in each territory. Anyone outside the Americas and Pacific region should contact Tina Rijkers at

Reps, distributors and dealers are encouraged to visit the booth (#6628) to meet the team and learn about the competitive advantages of the line and its sales programmes.

StormAudio will implement 24/7 dealer support and frequent product trainings. Some of the products are shipping now including in the UK and Europe, with the rest of the line available in the next two months.

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