Ruark Audio has once again reinvented the radiogram, with yet another new model of its famous R7 all-in-one audio system. This third-generation model has been given a refreshed design, improved audio quality and packed in technology every audiophile demands.

First launched in 2013, the Ruark Audio R7 was supposedly to harken back to the olden days where radiograms were everywhere. Unfortunately, after a high point in the 1960s, radiograms fell out of favour in the 1970s. Thankfully, the R7 MK3 shares almost nothing in common with the radiograms of yesteryear.

The first thing that is striking about the Ruark Audio R7 MK3 is its sleek design. Consumers have a choice of finishes to choose from, either rich walnut or soft grey lacquer. Personally, the soft grey is the more attractive of the two, perfectly blending with the fabric speaker cover to offer a contemporary look. No matter which finish is chosen, users are bound to get a striking device.

Ruark Audio has made some serious design changes with the R7 MK3. Immediately fans of the old model will notice how much slimmer the new version is. Thankfully, it’s still a striking narrow table that will grab the attention of anyone walking past. That makes it ideal for placement in either a hallway or living room environment.

Ruark Audio R7 MK3 Rich Walnut

Old Dog, New Tricks

Despite harkening back to the 1960s, the Ruark Audio is hardly an old dog. That’s thanks to the myriad of technology that is packed in every single R7 MK3. That includes support for everything from DAB/DAB+, internet and FM radio, Wi-Fi, aptX HD Bluetooth and Spotify Connect for wirelessly streaming music, and even a CD player and turntable connection for those who prefer physical formats. Users can even directly plug devices into the back of the R7 MK3 thanks to the existence of a 3.5mm AUX input and a digital optical port.

Those connectivity options are what users have grown to expect from modern-day speakers, although the R7 MK3 has yet another trick up its sleeve – multi-room audio support. Users are able to wirelessly link up the R7 with other products in the company’s range, including the R2 music streaming system, or even a product the company is working on, simply known as MRx.

Unlike the radiograms of old, this device doesn’t have to sit on four legs in the corner of the room. That’s because Ruark Audio offers an optional wall-mount that allows installers to use this all-in-one system as a soundbar. If that’s not a modern take on the radiogram, then who knows what is?

Ruark Audio R7 MK3 Remote

Complete Control

Ruark Audio has made a name of itself through its RotoDial controller, which users will find on top of the R7 MK3. This controller is designed to make it easy to navigate all the connections that are available, as well as change music with little fuss. Users needn’t use the RotoDial on the top of the device, however. That’s because Ruark Audio is also shipping a radio-link remote that allows R7 owners to control the speaker from across the room, or even in a different room entirely. The radio-link remote is special as it doesn’t need to have a direct line of sight.

There is also a third option for controlling the R7 MK3 – although it’s not available just yet. That’s because the company has confirmed that an iOS app called ‘LINK’ will soon be available on iOS and Android, allowing users to browse and control their R7 directly from their smartphone or tablet.

Ruark Audio R7 MK3

Form Meets Function

The Ruark Audio R7 MK3 may be an aesthetically pleasing device, although that doesn’t mean it can’t pack an impressive sound. Those acquiring this all-in-one sound system will find a total of 160W of power from a Class A-B amplifier, which is connected to two 14cm dual concentric drive units and an integrated active 20cm long-throw subwoofer. Ruark Audio has also confirmed that all new circuitry is being used in this new model.

Consumers wishing to acquire the Ruark Audio R7 MK3 can pick one up from today, with pricing for both the rich walnut and soft grey lacquer finishes set at £2,200.

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