PMC are one of the very few companies who have been awarded an Emmy for its contribution to recording excellence. EI, CE Pro Europe‘s sister publication spoke to Miles Roberts, sales director at PMC, to hear what it’s all about.

When was PMC formed and what are its main aims?

We’ve been operating now since 1991, we quickly established ourselves as leading suppliers to mastering studios and movie film scoring composers. Our aim was simply to produce a loudspeaker with the lowest colouration and highest resolution possible. We saw an opportunity to reengineer loudspeaker technology and developed Advanced Transmission Lines (ATL) as a unique offering for all markets.

Tell us about your loudspeakers. What is your most stand out product?

The QB1-XBD fully active monitoring system is the pinnacle of our loudspeaker development. It incorporates a massive transmission line with a combination of eight 10in positon drivers for maximum SPL. Its driven by our own design DSP crossover system and digital power amplification. We already have these installed in flagship recording studios like Capitol Tower in LA as well as several high-end private home cinemas.

What amplifiers do you recommend using with your loudspeakers?

Well, if we are looking at high-end theatre integration, we recommend using our fully active electronics systems. These are based around programmable tuning DSP as well as very high-power class D amplifier modules. Our top systems can produce transparent audio up to 134db SPL. The efficiency and ease of drive for our dedicated in-wall and on-wall wafer designs mean that they can be powered by most competent multi-channel Zone amplifiers.

Tell us about you CI efforts, what products are appropriate for this market?

A high proportion of our products are appropriate to the CI market; however, it’s the very high-end residential arena that interests us. We have been servicing this market discretely for many years and feel that our portfolio of products now enables us to drive harder at this market sector. We have identified strategic opportunities in this area and will be developing additional designs to further enhance our standing.


Are all your products manufactured in the UK? Tell us about your technical team.

All our models are designed, assembled and final tested in the UK in our own factory just north of London. Our professional heritage from the recording and broadcast industry has enabled us to build a technical team capable of supporting any audio CI project from initial project consultation through to acoustics, installation and commissioning.

Where are your products available?

Over 26 years we have built up a comprehensive worldwide distribution chain for most sectors of the market, particularly centred around consumer Hi-Fi and professional recording. We are actively seeking to further expand this network with specialist distributors within the CI realm as part of our 2018-2019 development plans.

What speaker accessories do you manufacture?

We have a range of brackets and mounting accessories for our wafer models allowing them to be mounted in-wall or on-wall as well as ceiling mounted for Dolby Atmos use. Our range of traditional cabinet speakers has complimentary stands and wall brackets to suit many installation types.

Finally, what advice would you give a young person starting out in this industry?

Gain a broad knowledge of sound principles from a technical perspective, but at the same time, do not underestimate the value of practical real-world skills. Focus on a CPD program using the services of the likes of CEDIA. If possible, sign up as an affiliate member to gain access to insider information.

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