Onkyo VC-FLX1 Is An Alexa-Equipped Speaker For Audiophiles

Alexa is in just about everything at CES 2017, but despite the ubiquity there are few solutions for Alexa lovers who also happen to be audiophiles. That is until now, as the Onkyo VC-FLX1 is promising to be the smart speaker for those who appreciate a good quality sound system.


To stand out amongst the crowd of Alexa-enabled devices, this AI-powered speaker is specifically designed for high-quality music playback – and to do that the company has included a full-range speaker driver that it developed in-house. Whether or not the speaker lives up to those claims remains to be seen.

In addition to Alexa and a full-range speaker drive, the Onkyo VC-FLX1 also boasts a temperature, motion and humidity sensor, as well as a web cam for keeping an eye on the house while the user is away.

Little else is known about Onkyo’s Alexa-powered speaker. The company says that it will be a dream for audiophiles looking to hook up with Alexa, but the Echo Dot already enables users to connect Alexa smarts to better sounding speakers – so it’s not quite clear if Onkyo’s attempt is needed. The size of the device is also similar to that of the Amazon Echo, so it remains to be seen just how good the audio can be.

Pricing and release details are said to still be under consideration.

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