Amongst a plethora of launches at CES 2017, the product sure to garner a lion’s share of the attention (alongside the manufacturer’s new Nano Cell LCD TVs, of course) is bound to be its new Dolby Atmos SJ9 soundbar for home cinema enthusiasts.

UPDATE: LG has since unveiled W, the world’s first Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision TV at CES.

Equipped with multiple speakers, including the two crucial up-firing speakers, the Atmos soundbar takes on 4K Sound (over 4,000kbps (24bit x 96kHz x2ch) hi-resolution audio data and full processing) and is compatible with high quality lossless audio files to recreate the sound recorded in the original studio.

Audiophiles who opt for the soundbar over speakers should appreciate the SJ9’s Sound Up-converting feature, which has been included to increase the quality of standard audio files to 24bit/192Hz to enhance subtle details and nuances of each track, as well as the product’s support for 4K Pass-Through. There has been no mention as to whether the soundbar is compatible with LG’s brand new TVs, however.

LG SJ8 Soundbar

Not content to stop at one soundbar launch, the manufacturer is also unveiling its slim-profile (38mm) SJ8 model during the show, which does integrate with LG’s new range of 2017 TV models, (although it doesn’t specify which), but does not feature Dolby Atmos. However, it does take on 4K Sound, 4K Pass-Through and the ability to stream content using Chromecast built-in.

Using ‘TV Perfect Fit Kit,’ the manufacturer states that owners can integrate the SJ8 with certain LG TV sets by replacing the original stand with the SJ8 soundbar.

LG SJ7 Soundbar

Room for one more? Why not. LG’s SJ7 320W soundbar will also make its debut during this year’s CES, appealing to home cinema lovers with its ability to be positioned either horizontally or vertically depending on the audio experience the listener desires, due to its split bar design.

The two halves of the SJ7 connect wirelessly together, providing stereo sound. One of the halves has a built-in battery, allowing it to be used as a rear speaker. Flip another switch, and portable mode allows it to be used as a wireless Bluetooth speaker anywhere the user chooses.

LG LOUDR sound systemLG Gets LOUDR


With new TVs and soundbars in the bag, LG then turned its attention to sound systems, launching its LOUDR products at the exhibition. Catering to those who seek out a ‘party atmosphere,’ the LOUDR CJ98 is said to be capable of generating 3,500W of sound, which, according to LG, instantly creates a lively club-like atmosphere.

The CJ98’s assertively named ‘Party Thruster’ functionality allows the DJ to slide a throttle forward to control the build-up of a dance track in order to time the all important bass drop and lighting effects. The party-pleasing features don’t stop there though, as the speaker is also equipped with an array of controls, looping buttons and sharing features, as well as every New Year’s eve must-have: the Karaoke Star feature, which suppresses the vocals from songs, allowing those willing to demonstrate their vocal prowess to change the audio track’s key should they have braved an early Mariah Carey number.


The LOUDR OJ98 is another all-in-one speaker system being launched at CES, this time designed to boost the party atmosphere. The manufacturer claims it does this by making use of a folded horn design hidden inside its chassis to efficiently produce acoustic pressure. The OJ98’s ‘Sparkle Lighting’ pulses and reflects light in rhythm to the music, while the ‘Party Kick Starter’ feature simulates the sound of a revving racecar engine. This model is designed specifically for DJs.

Lastly, LG is also unveiling the portable party audio system model FJ7, designed to maximise portability and 400W high output sound without distortion. Since mobility is a priority, the FJ7 comes with handles and wheels.

Visitors to CES can see LG’s newest products in the Las Vegas Convention Center (Booth #11100, Central Hall).


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