JBL enjoyed a busy booth at ISE 2017, with many attendees showing interest in the manufacturer’s brand new SCL-2 in-wall loudspeaker, which JBL is calling its ‘most powerful in-wall model ever’. If needed, the SCL-2 can also be installed in a traditional application behind acoustic fabric or woven/perforated video screens without installing the grilles.

“The SCL-2 is designed to take advantage of our professional grade loudspeaker technologies, materials and manufacturing processes to bring JBL’s authentic cinema sound quality to the home theatre experience,” says Jim Garrett, director of marketing and product management, Harman.

Available in Spring 2017 for US$6,000 (approximately £4,830), the SCL-2 is designed with a 2.5-way, triple 8-inch (200mm) driver configuration for low-frequency extension, while a D2415K dual voice coil, dual 1.5-inch (38mm) annular ring diaphragm Teonex compression driver with HDI geometry horn works in conjunction with cast-frame, 8-inch (200mm) Advanced Aluminum Matrix cone woofers with low distortion motor structures.

The loudspeaker’s 5.5-inch (140mm)-deep enclosure fits standard wall construction applications and features a Sonoglass precision moulded baffle assembly with integrated HDI waveguide/horn, plus a zero-bezel, magnetically-attached grille.

The loudspeaker’s enclosure can be oriented with the horn closer to the top or bottom, or on its side for centre channel or reduced height applications. The manufacturer notes that SCL-2 systems can be mixed and matched with other SCL speakers or any JBL Synthesis loudspeakers. They feature a discrete matte black baffle, HDI waveguide and transducers, with a paintable white grille.

Utilising proprietary and patented D2 compression driver and High-Definition Imaging (HDI) waveguide technologies and components, the SCL-2 joins the SCL-3 and SCL-4 in the Synthesis Custom Loudspeaker range.

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