IKEA has finally revealed the results of its partnership with Sonos; a partnership that was announced in December 2017. While it has been a long time coming, the company’s tie-up had many sceptics, who worried that the two companies weren’t exactly a good fit; after all, IKEA is known for its affordable prices, while Sonos is known for quality acoustics. Thankfully, the two may have created a pair of speakers that at least partially delivers on both accounts.

The most interesting speaker in the range is the Symfonisk table lamp with Wi-Fi speaker. Costing €179, it offers the ability to link-up with other Sonos speakers, and it features the same sound profile as a Sonos Play:1. Of course, this speaker is more expensive than a Sonos Play:1, but you are getting the added bonus of a table lamp – meaning it’s perfect for placing by the bedside.

On the flip side, those that want to create a shelf out of their speaker need look no further than the Symfonisk bookshelf with Wi-Fi speaker. This speaker can be mounted to the wall either vertically or horizontally, and even be used as an actual shelf. That means you could place a plant on top of it, or, if you’re feeling really crazy, a Symfonisk table lamp. The point of both of these speakers is to blend in with your interior; the Symfonisk range should be heard and not seen.

Sonos didn’t just lend its signature sound to the Symfonisk range, however. The firm also brought a lot of its own technology to the table, including the ability to tune the speakers using TruPlay, compatibility with AirPlay 2, and even the opportunity to link the Symfonisk with first-party Sonos speakers. That means users could potentially pair a Sonos One and Symfonisk table lamp in a stereo set-up.

Users will be able to control the Symfonisk range from the Sonos app – it just needs to be connected to a solid Wi-Fi network. It’s also controllable using Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant, although it doesn’t feature a microphone itself – meaning you’ll need to use a Sonos One, Echo Dot or some other form of Alexa-enabled device to control it.

The Symfonisk range will be available in August, with the lamp costing €179 and the bookshelf costing €99.95.

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