After three years on the market during which the Audio Excellence ranges, of Screen Excellence Ltd, have been impressing its installers and customers alike, time has come for an update: Every product has received a facelift to iron out all the little details that could be improved upon.

The Vertex loudspeakers are limited Audio Excellence designs operating from 100 Hz to 22kHz. They are to be coupled to one or more bass extension unit(s), usually of the Raijuu 1 type, via an active DSP crossover.

The Vertex 1 is a very small and compact loudspeaker that delivers an astonishing sound pressure level for its size, says the company.

New features are improving the versality of the speaker: Now with a ported bass-reflex enclosure, the bass response has been enhanced in the 100 Hz-250 Hz range. With an improved tweeter, the treble response has been extended to 25 kHz. The grille size is now matching the cabinet size and the angles have been squared, enhancing the sharp look of the speaker.

The Vertex 2 is a small and compact loudspeaker capable of filling surprisingly large rooms with a powerful and clean sound. Fitted with a professional grade 6” low-midrange drive unit, an axis-symmetrical horn and compression driver assembly for HF reproduction, it has received a more aesthetic-based facelift. The speaker’s performance remains the same, as it leaves nothing to be desired. The formerly round edges are now angular, the front grill size was reduced to cabinet size. It has also been given a new crossover implementation to rationalise its production.

The Vertex 3 is a compact, very high power and high sensitivity loudspeaker, delivering a top-grade performance both in terms of fidelity and sound pressure. Changes are only cosmetic, the front grille being now of the same width and height as the box.

The width has been increased to 55cm to visually match the Raijuu 2 subwoofer, the two together providing a nice-looking vertical stack offering a full-range system capable of extreme power, precision and fidelity.

The technical aspects of the Vertex 3 have not been changed, the drive units, the series crossover and the HF horn remaining the same.

The acclaimed performance of this reference speaker remains unchanged.

The Raijuu range of subwoofers offers a loud, fast and powerful low-frequency rendition. These speakers are designed to operate as low-frequency units only, and are to be coupled to limited-range loudspeakers via an active DSP crossover.

The Raijuu 1 is a very small compact subwoofer, shallow enough to fit in a drywall.

Its former 12in drive unit has been replaced by two 8in drive units for an enhanced thermal power handling and SPL. The acoustic load-previously a sealed enclosure- has been replaced by a ported bass reflex, allowing an increased output of + 5dB at 40 Hz. Dimensions and function remain the same.

The Raijuu 2 is a compact subwoofer designed to provide maximum impact and SPL for ultimate playback of the LFE channel. It is a ported bass reflex design fitted with a 18in professional grade drive-unit offering a response down to 20Hz, exceptional bass articulation and definition.

A new decoupling base supports the enclosure, of unchanged external dimensions.

The 18in drive unit has been upgraded, now accepting 1400w AES power handling and 2800w program. The recessed handles were suppressed, the modified cabinet now offering more internal volume for the same external size.

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