Anatech distribution explains that Audioflow Smart Speaker Switch offers a range of 2, 3 and 4-way, app-controlled speaker switches giving wireless convenience of control over speaker selection for those occasional music zones where a dedicated amplifier or streamer is beyond the budget or justification (gardens, en-suite bathrooms and so on).

The Audioflow is carefully designed to be a convenient and safe way of switching between multiple speakers in a typical domestic multi-room audio system. It is a good solution for connecting ceiling speakers, on-wall and in-wall speakers, bookshelf speakers and outdoor speakers to a single amplifier, explains Anatech. The speaker switch can enable and disable any combination of the speakers attached to it, providing lots of flexibility.

Speaker selection can be controlled via app or voice and the front panel-buttons on the product. Contact closure operation is also available meaning Audioflow can be integrated into control systems projects. The LED screen and Zone LEDs both show the status of the switch at all times. Rated at 300W max amp power (8 Ohms), Audioflow switches have impedance matching circuitry and amplifier protection when all zones are off.

Installation is straightforward. The maximum size cable which will be accepted by the terminals in the plugs would be 2.5mm2 or 14AWG and you need a 3.5mm slotted screwdriver to connect the speaker. The ‘Remote Control’ connector is for the contact closure feature which allows the option to operate the Audioflow Smart Speaker Switch from a cable run to a remote momentary switch, or to a control system.

For voice control fans, just click the Enable Alexa button on the Configuration page of the Audioflow App and enter the Amazon Credentials you would like to use for the Alexa service.

The Amazon Alexa Voice Assistant will pick up the Zone Names which have been set in the configuration page of the Audioflow App, just press the Cog button in the app, name the Zones appropriately and press the Save Settings button and its good to go.

The Audioflow Smart Speaker Switch is made in the UK and available now exclusively from Anatech Distribution.  

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