Atlantic Technology has revealed its first speaker specifically designed to reproduce the elevation component in an ‘Object Based’ audio system, dubbed the IC-6 OBA.

The in-ceiling speakers have been developed for use with Dolby Atmos, Auro 3D and DTS:X surround systems, making it compatible with all three of the major 3D audio formats.

Atlantic’s IC-6 OBA will be exclusively stocked by The Multi-Room Company in the UK.

The 6” (150mm) high dynamic range woofer is manufactured from a mica-loaded polypropylene cone; the physical properties of which should enable the speaker able to produce a ‘wide scatter’ of high quality sound.

Coupled with a pair of one-inch tweeters fitted using a bridge mounting method which are supposedly less prone to resonance and vibration than a central pole tweeter mount, and therefore should lead to a cleaner sound.

The Atlantic IC-6-OBS utilises a number of technologies which are designed to replicate the sound that users would expect in a cinema, which includes spreading the sound field as widely as possible.

Unlike most other in-ceiling designs, Atlantic believes that its speakers won’t solely direct audio into a ‘hotspot’ directly below the speaker, thanks to its wider dispersion.

Peter Tribeman, Atlantic Technology’s President states: “These are the closest we can get to a true movie theatre experience in the home and once you have heard an object-based sound field using IC-6-OBA speakers, it is difficult to go back to standard 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound.

Mike Bonnette, The Multi-Room Company’s product director adds: “For the UK installer and consumer the product, with its ability to recreate the cinema experience at an affordable price, is a fantastic addition to the range we can offer.

“As a specialist in home theatre loudspeakers, with an enviable reputation, the introduction by Atlantic Technology of the IC-6-OBA is the perfect choice to get the very best out of the new object based audio formats.”

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