S7, which is discreetly built into the fabric of a building, was primarily targeted at domestic settings, but in this case it was chosen for the substantial new showroom of high-end bathware manufacturer Victoria + Albert Baths.

The location in the Design Centre makes it a highly visible showcase for the client and Systemline, being an international destination for interior designers.

The installation was closely tailored to the requirements of the client Victoria + Albert Baths, who benefitted from expert advice from Systemline.

Victoria + Albert Baths wanted to enhance the experience for designers and customers visiting the facility and also wanted a system that would be as unobtrusive as possible so as not to detract from the aesthetics of its baths and basins.

A high-quality multi-zone audio solution to match the quality of product on show was required.

The client had two key practical objectives; firstly to provide the right ambience, with even distribution across four zones, secondly, to offer flexibility to avoid sound bleeding through the main doors when opened.

Four pairs of Armour Home’s Q Install speakers were installed in the ceilings; two pairs of 6.5in speakers, one pair of 5in and one pair of 8in.

Two Q Acoustics sub-woofers were also installed, providing greater low-level warmth to the sound in what is a predominately hard surface environment.

The client also likes the extra bass for occasional launches and social events. These were supplied in white, with matching cabling and painted brackets to match the décor.

They were installed at above head height, an unusual bit of customisation required in this case to avoid compromising the bathroom interiors.

Two keypads were supplied for the installation to allow staff to control audio and select music, in addition Showroom co-ordinator Harriet Goodwin uses Spotify on an iPad to manage the system, as it works seamlessly with S7’s App.

Harriet comments: “Our showroom is an inspirational space where consumers, designers and architects can discover the Victoria + Albert brand. Relaxing music helps to promote the luxury lifestyles that consumers enjoy if they invest in our products and music and bathing go very well together, so it seemed appropriate to install a high quality system.”

The system has also proved very useful for distributing voice audio at events, for example presentations made by designers and journalists to guests.

Harriet adds: “The audio, which is flawless and really clear, is enjoyable for staff working in the showroom too.”

Paul Hilditch, Systemline product manager, says: ““This is a great example of how well Systemline S7 is suited to deployment in a showroom environment. It is a superb fit and provides the perfect ambience. The staff love it, they use it all the time.”

“I believe that installations of this sort represent a big opportunity for multi-room audio and several of our installer customers are approaching developers large and small to explore the potential.”

Systemline S7 was launched specifically for the custom install market, offering high-quality 24/192 multi-room audio. The system accesses online music services, including iPlayer, Spotify, Deezer and many others and features storage for up to a million tracks.



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