ARCAM ST60 and JBL SA750 Are Roon Ready!

JBL SA750Roon ReadyArcam ST60 streamer

ARCAM has announced that its ST60 streamer has received Roon Ready certification from Roon Labs as has the JBL SA750 integrated amplifier.

The ST60 is ARCAM’s debut dedicated network player, bringing the Cambridge maker’s extensive experience with digital audio to the world of standalone streaming machines. Already equipped with a host of connectivity and audiophile-level performance features, Roon Ready certification adds a further crucial skill to the ST60’s talents says the maker.

Roon Ready status exclusively applies to network devices that have Roon’s streaming technology built in. Consequently, the ST60 discovers and connects to Roon, without any configuration, to deliver bit-perfect audio. Roon Ready certificated products also enable easy access to multi-room functionality, letting users wirelessly connect Roon devices – including all of ARCAM’s AVRs, plus its SA30 class G integrated amplifier, as well as the ST60 – and control zones via the Roon app’s elegant user interface. To ensure that their machine is running the latest Roon certified software, ST60 users should run ARCAM software (minimum) 0.67/1155.

JBL has also announced Roon Ready certification for its ‘modern classic’ integrated SA750. In honor of its 75th anniversary, JBL infused the SA750 integrated amplifier with retro styling together with thoroughly modern features. Roon Ready certification cranks the SA750’s cutting-edge spec up another level and opening up further features to SA750 users. The JBL integrated has been certified by Roon Labs, working with the JBL engineering team, to provide the highest level of quality and performance in network streaming.

Confirmation of Roon Ready status for the SA750 builds on the JBL machine’s already strong list of audio talents. This attractively finished piece of equipment featuring a milled aluminium face-panel and teak panels, draws directly from the memorable styling of JBL’s SA600 and SA660 amplifiers from the 1960s and 1970s. The unit is bang up to date inside however, housing a class G amplifier that delivers 120W of power per channel into 8Ω and also delivers streaming protocols including Apple AirPlay 2 and Google Chromecast. The machine also possess a switchable MM/MC phono input and offers Dirac Live room calibration for optimised performance in any listening room. To get the best from Roon, owners of the JBL SA750 should make sure that their machine is running software (minimum) 1.70/1155.

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