ARCAM AVR5 Includes Dirac Live

Swedish digital audio pioneer Dirac announced that the new ARCAM AVR5 receiver is Dirac Ready to run Dirac Live Room Correction, the company’s solution to ensure home audio systems deliver the maximum sound performance across all entertainment experiences.

ARCAM created the AVR5 to be a high-performance, affordable home theater receiver. Its built-in support for Dirac Live Room Correction means even more consumers can achieve enhanced sound experiences that otherwise not achievable: a larger sweet spot, more accurate staging, enhanced clarity and voice intelligibility, and a deeper, tighter bass. The AVR5 also includes support for Dirac Live Bass Control, Dirac Live’s latest feature for managing subwoofers to deliver a spatially consistent bass across the entire listening area.

“Consumers continue to demand ever-higher quality audio, and not just people we might traditionally consider enthusiasts. Mainstream home theater consumers have begun to appreciate the role digital signal processing plays in creating better sound,” says Erik Rudolphi, Dirac’s VP of Home and Pro Audio. “With Dirac Live available for ARCAM’s new AVR5, more consumers than ever before can experience audio the way they were meant to — regardless of the space they’re listening in.”

The interaction between a sound system and the physical layout of a room has a significant impact on sound quality. Dirac Live has been used by luxury home theaters, professional studios and commercial cinemas for years. Dirac Live room correction offers patented mixed phase impulse response correction technology, which corrects not just magnitude response, but also time domain, which is critical for accurate staging, clarity, and tight bass.

Using patented phase co-optimisation technology powered by machine learning, Dirac Live Bass Control supports an unlimited number of subwoofers; delivers spatially consistent, high-quality bass; ensures users hear clear, accurate bass throughout a listening area; and allows for flexible subwoofer placement, says its creators.

“ARCAM understood that there was a strong requirement below the existing offering,” says Nick Clarke, Senior Director, Global Engineering Luxury Audio, Harman. “The AVR5 perfectly meets this need by offering a comprehensive and configurable feature set along with the legendary sound quality ARCAM is well known for, with Dirac Ready allowing the end-user or installer to make full use of Dirac in a way that suits their individual needs.”

The Dirac Ready ARCAM AVR5, with its ability to natively decode 12 channels of immersive audio, comes with the capability to support and run Dirac Live. With the Dirac Ready feature, ARCAM AVR5 users can choose to download, activate, and purchase Dirac Live licenses and begin enjoying elevated home theater sound experiences.

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