Just days after the Apple TV’s official launch, Plex has released its home theatre App to the platform.

Both Plex and Apple’s TV set-top box first launched in 2007 – although back then it was the one platform that Plex had always wanted to support, but was prevented from due to Apple’s restrictions.

Since then Plex has grown exponentially with millions of users around the world organising their personal media using the service – all without supporting Apple’s set-top box.

Plex is available on Amazon’s Fire TV, Roku, Playstation, Xbox, Smart TVs, Android, iOS, Windows and now the Apple TV.

It’s taken eight years to get to this point but to celebrate the new App, the developers behind Plex have launched it completely free of charge to new Apple TV owners.

To get the new Plex App, users will need to own the very latest Apple TV and navigate to the App Store to grab it.

Those users are in for a treat as well, as the developers admit that despite just three weeks work, it’s one of the most functional Apps it has ever built. The design of the App has also been completely overhauled; it’s nothing like Plex on other platforms.

Unfortunately the Apple TV does not support 4K, meaning there’s a limit to 1080p videos. Siri support is also not baked into the App – this is again due to Apple’s restrictions.

Other limitations of the Apple TV have also prevented Plex from implementing everything that may be available on other platforms – including DTS pass-through support.

Plex has yet to reveal whether the Apple TV UI will come to other platforms – although both the Xbox One and Playstation Apps will remain paid for the time being, due to the fact they’re still in ‘Beta’ period.

Check out the slideshow to experience Plex’s new App.

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