Henley Audio has announced the immediate availability of the Juke Box E1 in the UK. The Juke Box E1 takes the original Juke Box E philosophy and assimilates it into an even more convenient and stylish form, says the maker. Directly inspired by the popular E1 design, the Juke Box E1 now boasts a new tonearm, a sub-platter drive system and more convenient switching between 33 and 45 RPM speeds.

Features include:

✓ Turntable design inspired by the popular Pro-Ject E1 model

✓ Plug-and-play turntable set-up

✓ Accurate speed with automatic switching between 33 and 45 RPM

✓ Top-mounted high-contrast display 

✓ Built-in Bluetooth receiver and additional Line Level input for traditional sources

✓ 50W per-channel Class D integrated amplifier built-in

✓ Line Level output for the turntable source

✓ Available as a complete SET with matching Pro-Ject Speaker Box 5 speakers and accessories

✓ Handmade in Europe

Pro-Ject Juke Box E1: £599.00 (UK SRP)

Pro-Ject Juke Box E1 SET: £799.00 (UK SRP)

The Juke Box E1 is available in a black, white, red and walnut finish, whilst the Juke Box E1 SET is available in a black, white and red finish.

Juke Box E1 in detail

The Juke Box E1 is a vinyl record player with an integrated phono stage, a Bluetooth receiver, a preamplifier a power amplifier, all-in-one compact chassis. Requiring only a set of speakers to make a complete Hi-Fi system, the performance and level of convenience on offer are unprecedented for the price, says the maker.

The record player is based on the popular Pro-Ject E1 design, which, according to the company, effortlessly consolidates premium elements into an elegant and intuitive whole. From the CNC-machined wood chassis through the aluminium tonearm and onto the reputable Ortofon OM 5E cartridge; every part of the design is intended to deliver high-quality sound.

As well as its mastery of analogue products, Pro-Ject also says it is respected worldwide for its compact electronics range, which has helped it to keep the Juke Box E1 sleek and stylish while integrating a 50W per-channel Class D amplifier inside. The amplifier features a built-in phono stage for the turntable input, a high-quality Bluetooth receiver and an additional input for traditional line-level sources.

If the user is worried that Hi-Fi systems, and particularly turntables, might be complicated to set up, Pro-Ject says it is here to allay their fears. Simply attach the Juke Box E1’s drive belt to the DC motor and sub-platter, install the anti-resonant ABS polymer main platter, plug in the power cable, and it is done. The tonearm comes pre-set and balanced, ready for perfect playback.

Operation is simple, thanks to the volume and input information shown on the display and the intuitive turntable speed selector, whilst the 32-step digital potentiometer – with an added push function for switching inputs – allows the user to set playback at the desired volume. When the Juke Box E1 is out of reach, the supplied remote control helps with switching inputs and adjusting volume, as well as accessing more sophisticated controls, including Bass and Treble adjustment alongside a Loudness boost.

The Juke Box E1 has been made to bring the analogue experience to more music lovers than ever before. The organisation says that its solid build, premium components, and the reassurance that it is handmade by skilled workers in mainland Europe combine into a product that looks at home in any listening space. It is available in four high-quality finishes, with a removable dust cover and all the other accessories a user will need for set-up.

Juke Box E1 SET

Included with the Juke Box E1 is a pair of Pro-Ject’s own Speaker Box 5 speakers in a matching finish, a solid-core loudspeaker cable and isolation feet for the speakers.

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