Recently trailed heavily at EI Live! in May, UK distributor Habitech is now officially launching Simple Control, the IoT based automation system as part of its line-up.

Habitech, says the system represents a new generation a cloud-based IoT home control platforms set to shift the direction of home control away from proprietary, controller-based systems towards a more versatile app-based wireless control environment.

Built around an iOS control app and what is billed as an extremely comprehensive database, Simple Control has been created to challenge the proprietary control architecture of the last 15 years with its open platforms approach making use of  the IP control available via iOS phones and tablets.

The system is based on the assumption that that virtually every new home entertainment device from smart TV screens and AV receivers, to light bulbs and controllers, heating systems and multi-room audio setups have an IP identity and connect over Wi-Fi to the cloud via a control app.

Simple Control ties all the apps together with an intuitive user interface, driven by what the maker says are the world’s largest IP, serial and IR libraries, providing preloaded and predesigned graphics, protocols and control codes for tens of thousands of devices. Habitech says the two-way UI enables customers to engage with their audio/video/lighting/heating and security systems in the manner they prefer on the devices they already own.

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Simple Control comprises five core components: the app, which uses Wi-Fi to control AV or home automation related devices, Simple Service software, which provides access to media and DVR guides, TV program guides and IR control for third party adapters, sensors, triggers, clocks, alarms etc, Simple Sync software, which provides remote access and synchronisation; Simple Hub, a hardware alternative to Simple Sync for remote access, synchronisation, triggers, and voice control and Simple Blaster (with PoE version), an accessory offering compatibility with older IR products not controllable via Wi-Fi.

Habitech also underlines that the system is inexpensive to deploy in a choice of commercial subscription packages available from the distributor and offers the prospect of truly integrated whole house control of both IoT and AV devices, supporting Alexa, Nest, Hue, Fire, SmartThings and an expanding product cosmos of thousands, including those of core Habitech brands.

Commenting on the launch, Habitech product manager Stewart Day, says: “We’ve been testing Simple Control at Basingstoke (Habitech HQ) for over six months and it hasn’t missed a beat. It’s among the best developed of the emerging generation of IoT control systems and is sure to accelerate the trend towards powerful, easy-to-integrate low cost control in the home.”

Habitech says its customary comprehensive support is offered to Simple Control customers. Dealer training will begin Tuesday 27 June at Habitech, Basingstoke. Get in touch for more details.

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