AV and install focused distributor Habitech, has announced that it is  expanding its programme of dealer training in order to master the latest market challenges and augment the existing CI knowledge base.


Leading the 2020 proficiency drive is a new one-day ‘ProNet Cybersecurity’ course, designed to help network engineers of all abilities understand and counter the growing threat to data privacy posed by cyber criminals.

When CI businesses and their customers are exposed to new risks every day, this course seeks to explain the techniques used by hackers to gain control over devices and networks, as well as the actions integrators must deploy in order to block attacks and their destructive impact and lives and livelihoods.

Running throughout the year and free-of-charge to all, it introduces the WatchGuard product line, explaining how its protection layers operate and how to specify and ‘size’ an appliance according to customers’ needs. Delegates will also receive hands-on training about deployment in any consumer or business network, regardless of ISP provision. This course also earns three CEDIA training points.

Boosting Home Cinema Expertise

Created to give installers a thorough grounding in home cinema design, Habitech’s new ‘Essentials of Home Cinema’ course is a one-day foundational workshop for those new to home cinema or wanting to refresh their knowledge about audio/video basics and design best practice.

It covers all the important aspects of system specification, including room design and layout, speaker configuration, projection and lenses; screen type, materials and aspect ratios; amplification and processing; bass management, basic audio/video calibration and the simple dos and don’ts of home cinema planning.

Armed with these essential skills, says Habitech, CI pros will have the confidence to build great cinema systems from the ground up. Course Fee is £99.00 + VAT and this course also delivers three CEDIA training points.

Dirac Live!

Having followed trusted design principles, all successful home cinema systems are fine-tuned for optimum performance through the application of EQ. Habitech’s newly introduced ‘Dirac Live’ course dedicates an entire day to advanced hands-on calibration with Dirac Live EQ, available on the latest ARCAM AVRs and processors.

The free-of-charge course, open to those who have completed Habitech’s ARCAM product training, tackles level alignment, time alignment, mixed-phase room correction technology, impulse response correction, target response curves, sub and main speaker crossover, verifying the results with REW, and room calibration. This course also results in three CEDIA training points.

Advanced Wisdom

Stepping into the realm of high-end/large cinema design, Habitech’s ‘Wisdom Advanced Training’ is a new adjunct to the established ‘Wisdom Audio Product Training’ course, offering high-level expertise in speaker specification (by calculating SPL levels and dispersion characteristics); the design applications of point source and line source speakers; bi-amplification, crossovers and PEQ; speaker installation best practice; subwoofer choice, placement and number; the REW (Room EQ Wizard) room simulator for bass frequencies; Wisdom SC-2 and SC-3 system controllers (for cinema and multi-zone); Dirac tips and tricks.

The course is free-of-charge and open to integrators who have completed the Wisdom Audio Product Training course.

The full Habitech training calendar is available to view here.

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