Designed specifically for cinemas, the new Faradite motion sensor delivers aesthetics and performance in one compact package.

Making its trade show debut at EI Live! 2019, the new black volt free motion sensor is aimed at cinema installers.

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This new concept is designed to blend completely into the background, helping projects achieve high levels of aesthetic performance whilst also delivering the functionality needed.

As the cinema market continues to develop, it has become vital to not just get the performance of a project correct, but to get the look and design of the cinema correct also.

Delivering higher levels of aesthetic appeal for a cinema helps installers win more projects as the cinema becomes a canvas that interior designers can work with, rather than it being a thorn in the side of their vision for the property. Lighting designers will also appreciate the product for the same reasons.

Before finalising the design, Faradite looked at what was available and discovered that most dark motion sensors still have a white lens.

Chris Turner, Managing Director, Faradite Ltd, explains, “The cinemas we see demonstrate intense attention to detail and as a true engineering company, we are the same, so we wanted to deliver a product that went further and offer a black lens as well as a black case for the ultimate discrete sensor.

“Not only does the product melt into the background, it delivers all the connectivity needed in a top end cinema, being compatible with Control4, Lutron and Crestron lighting and automation systems.”

Creating drama

Chris adds, “The best cinemas create drama and excitement even before the content starts to play; it’s a really important part of the experience. With our black motion sensor, you can discretely activate the cinema lights to the required level as people enter the room, so that already the space feels special and anticipation builds. Of course, the functionality does not end there. For example, you can mask the sensor to only project a thin beam so you can activate the screen to drop down when a particular chair is sat on.”

Chris also explains, “Most people think of motion sensors for the motion detected event, but an absence of motion is just as important. For example, our sensor can also act as protection for the cinema equipment, shutting down components if no motion is detected after a set period of time. However, the sensor can also be set to allow for that movie marathon, box set binge or long events like an Ashes Test Match or the Super Bowl to continue uninterrupted without the need for annoying pop ups asking if you still want to continue watching.”

The sensor can also be used to boost the heating within the cinema whilst in use giving that extra bit of comfort while reducing the heating bill. The combination of discrete appearance and full functionality, means several sensors can be placed in the space, delivering different actions.

Chris explains, “For example, you can mask the sensor to project a beam and install them in the side of the seats to bring on floor lighting along the side of the cinema, handy if anyone needs to pop to the toilet. This helps cinemas go that extra mile for their owners, making time spent in the cinema enjoyable and effortless.”

Faradite’s black motion sensor

The ultimate cinema sensor

Chris enthuses, “As a responsive UK based engineering company, we have created the new sensor as a result of direct feedback from our customers. Installers told us they were spray painting our white sensors because they appreciated the functionality but needed to alter the appearance. With this new line there is no need to modify them and no need to compromise the look of the cinema either.”

Other areas where a no compromise approach is delivered are in the ease of install and performance of the sensor.

Based on the popular Motion Sensor 360 – Volt Free design, the product can be powered by a 5V to 24V supply and the volt-free/dry contact interface delivers integration with most popular control platforms.

The design is not just discrete in terms of colour but is compact also. Sitting just 3.5mm proud of the ceiling, this helps deliver further on its integration credentials. Also important for the cinema environment, the sensor is completely silent, so no annoying clicking relay to spoil quieter moments of content. Using the latest digital passive infra-red technology reduces lens size, but also delivers the range and viewing angle required. The unit’s detection area is ~8m diameter when the sensor is mounted at a height of 3m, matching the performance of considerably larger products.

The sensor also has the option of a Fire IDR accessory, providing a fire rating of 60 minutes. Push-fit and removable connectors mean an efficient installation and speedy temporary removal if needed during construction or maintenance.

Chris concludes, “Like all our products, the sensor is CE marked, hand examined and goes through full functional end-to-end testing before being shipped. Want to make no compromises when designing your next cinema? Adding our new sensor helps take each design to the next level in a fuss free and fully functional way.”

The new design can be seen on the Faradite Stand (36) at EI Live! 2019.

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