Flexson Extends Range To Offer Wider Sonos Installation Options

Flexson’s 2019 range is designed to help installers perfectly position Sonos products for the ultimate multiroom installation, says the maker.

With new products such as the innovative range of mounts for Amp and the mounting solutions for Sonos Beam, Flexson’s range is now more comprehensive and flexible offering complete solutions for whole-house multi-room Sonos set-ups.

Designed to fit to an existing full-motion or flat-to-wall TV wall mount, the Flexson TV Mount Attachment for Sonos Beam is the good way to introduce Beam into an existing installation, no matter the room size.

For a larger living space, the Cantilever Wall Mount for TV and Sonos Beam or Sonos Playbar is a strong option to unify the audio and visual, swivelling into the ideal viewing/listening position. This mount is suitable for larger TVs, holding those from 40 to 60in, weighing up to 40kg.

If installing a 5.1 surround sound home cinema set-up, the Flexson Adjustable Floor Stands for Sonos One or Play:1 (pair) can hold the speakers higher or lower than a standard floor stand could.

This positions the Sonos Ones or Play:1s at the ideal listening height and offers a greater range of potential Sonos set-ups for the main room.

Installers can also add a little more bass to the set-up with the Sonos Sub, paired with Flexson’s wall mount. Precision-designed to discreetly position the Sonos Sub on the wall, the Flexson Wall Mount was created to offer flexibility, free up floorspace and allow for neat cable routing.

The Flexson range of Wall Mounts and Docks for Sonos Amp helps bring high-fidelity audio into an installation. For a single Sonos Amp, the Flexson Wall Mount for Sonos Amp allows mounting to a wall or to the rear of a TV.

Position up to four Amps together using a Flexson Wall Mount for 4 Sonos Amps or Dock for 4 Sonos Amps. All Flexson mounts for Sonos Amp have in-built cable management for a clean installation. 


Flexson’s range of accessories also creates news ways of positioning for Sonos kit in the kitchen.

The Wall Mounts for Sonos One or Play:1 are built to be versatile, seamlessly fitting to the speaker and mounting it in the ideal place to look and sound great.

With a unique tilting mechanism and swivel, the speakers can be angled – the mount can also be inverted, for access to controls and Sonos One microphone.

Alternatively, the Flexson Ceiling Mount for Sonos One or Play:1 offers the same tilting, swivelling and inverting, but holds the speaker 30cm below the ceiling, routing the cabling upwards.

Whilst this product is good for domestic use, such as in the kitchen, ceiling mounting is also a good solution for commercial spaces including retail outlets, restaurants and bars.

For more flexibility, pair Flexson’s range of stands and mounts for Sonos One or Play:1 with Flexson’s Power Cables– the perfect solution for deducing untidy cabling (available with straight or ‘L’ connection).

The maker says the short, 35cm power cables are ideal if the speakers are close to a plug socket, such as in kitchens and on table tops, and are perfect to pair with the Wall Mounts, Ceiling Mounts and Flexson’s Desk Stand for Sonos One or Play:1.

Alternatively, Flexson’s 5m power cables are a go-to if the installed speaker is further from the plug socket than the speaker’s standard power cable can accommodate.

The only mount available for angling a Sonos Beam to fit the space, the Flexson Adjustable Wall Mount for Sonos Beam is a premium solution for securing Beam on the wall, ceiling or even under a kitchen cabinet.

With tilt functionality, and a sturdy, high-grade steel construction, this mount securely holds the Sonos Beam and allows the sound to be angled in the ideal direction.

Wanting to bring the multiroom system to the home office? Flexson’s Wall Mount for Sonos Play:5 is styled to complement the Play:5, whilst remaining discreet.

By securely wall-mounting the speaker in a landscape position precious desk space is kept clear. Tilt and swivel functionalities help to direct the sound.

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