Automation brand Fibaro is having a busy time of late, inking a new deal in the UK with Invision, the company has now also announced a new factory in Wysogotowo, near Poznań, Poland, doubling its production capacity to almost four million smart home devices per year.

Featuring the latest in manufacturing technology, the new facility enables the company to rapidly take a drawing board concept to mass production, and then swiftly distribute it across the globe.

The factory features advanced professional production machinery from Yamaha, Ersa and Nordson Asymtek, and operates in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 standards.

Each Fibaro product is subjected to a rigorous multi-stage quality control process within the factory.  

Fibaro says it is proud to design and manufacture its products in Poland and the Central European location it argues gives it a logistical advantage over its competitors.

The new factory also offers Fibaro employees a more comfortable and modern working environment from which they can distribute to over one hundred global markets.

Bartłomiej Arcichowski, Fibaro’s CTO says, “The dynamic development of the company allows us to implement exciting changes. The new factory has been designed to offer our employees a better working environment, to expand and speed up the manufacturing process and to allow us to be more efficient.”

“Less than a decade ago we made the first Fibaro prototypes in a regularly flooded garage, and now we have just opened our fantastic new manufacturing facility. We have made a huge jump forward and it is a fantastic feeling to build the company from scratch and then to celebrate our success together”, adds Maciej Fiedler, CEO of Fibaro.

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