Crestron has revealed a whole host of new EMEA training courses set to take place in the second half of 2016. The company’s current schedule of courses that has been announced runs until December 30 2016.

The latest batch of course dates will take place all over the EMEA region, with training set to take place in the UK, Belgium, France, Germany, Iberica, Italy, Netherlands, Russia, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates, Hungary, Saudi Arabia and Slovenia.

Starting in July eight new courses will be running throughout the EMEA alongside the long-established training activity that Crestron is already known for.

The new courses include:

• Online Primer – (to replace 101 & toolbox)

• CTI-Tech

• New DMC-E-4K

• DMC-Streaming

• DSP Training

• New CTI-Fusion-P

• Simp# and Simpl# Pro certification

• Pyng System Design

Neil Walton, training manager at Crestron EMEA, notes: “We are dedicated to providing all the knowledge and understanding required to implement our systems successfully. Training is a very important part of our brand focus and we will continue to ensure we offer the very best to our dealers and programmers.”

The courses will be run by Crestron’s team of trainers across the regions and booking can be done through the training page on the company’s website.

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