Elipson Celebrates 80th Anniversary With Special Editions

French AV brand Elipson is celebrating the impressive milestone of 80 years in business by launching some special Anniversary editions of its bestselling audio products.

Elipson started creating their unique shape of sound with spherical speakers from a French workshop in Vitry, central France back in 1938.

Over the years Elipson speakers have been installed in some of the most beautiful venues from the Chateau de Chambord, the 1968 Winter Olympics stadiums, French radio and TV stations to the more recent prestigious Hotel de Crillon and New Morning, Temple of jazz and soul in Paris.

80 years on and several innovations later, the Elipson brand shares its passion for sound and design with a new generation of consumer and commercial audiophiles.  Elipson says its latest products combine the very best of high fidelity performance with the latest electronic audio technologies.

Special editions

To mark this 80th birthday occasion, the brand has selected three of its finest and bestselling products. 

The iconic, spherical shaped Planet L and more traditional Prestige Facet 8B speakers feature enhanced crossovers using the high grade quality components, in addition to an attractive satin black finish with gold trim. 

The Alpha 100 RIAA BT turntable also enjoys the same black and gold treatment with an enhanced integral phono stage.

Created in 1938, Elipson is the oldest French manufacturer of Hi-Fi.

A pioneer in sound innovation, Elipson has says it has always sought to set new standards by introducing a number of patents which have changed the world of contemporary acoustics.

The internal resonator, along with the acoustic phasing and symmetrical loading techniques developed by the company are still used by a number of the brand’s competitors.

Its ‘cult’ models have adopted a spherical shape and a reflector to create a distinctive sound signature to match their unusual sculptural design. Additionally, Elipson produces in-wall speakers, portable speakers, consumer electronics and the turntables, all proudly Made in France.

The brand also exports to over 50 countries in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia.

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