EI Live! has upped the ante on its Learning Zone experience this year by gathering together some of the brightest brains in the industry so a trip to the show delivers valuable and deliverable business bonuses. Full details on each talk will be available soon, however for now, check out their impressive CVs and a few hints on the areas they will cover.

Registration for the show happens very soon, keep your eye on the event’s official website for more news.

Wilfried Van Baelen, CEO at Auro Technologies nv

Difficult to sum up the career of this man in just a few words, however suffice to say there are few people on the planet who understand music and audio better than Wilfried.

In 1980 he co-founded Galaxy Studios Belgium eventually building one of the most technically advanced and inspiring recording studios in the world. Wilfried has also helped deliver the next generation of cinema audio with the creation of Auro 3D.

A professional musician (classic and pop), producer/engineer in music and film, Wilfried says his current main mission is to deliver the last dimension in sound (Height) to the world, the final step in the dimensional evolution of sound, started in 1870 by Edison. With Auro-3D, Wilfried says the industry is coming very close to the illusion of a natural sound field around the listener.

Inventing Auro 3D in 2005, Wilfried founded Auro Technologies in 2009 to promote the format. Come and hear what Wilfried has to say about the future of audio and home cinema.

Wilfried Van Baelen


Vin Bruno, president, AlltecPro, former CEO of CEDIA, former director of marketing, Crestron.

A leading smart technologies innovation expert, Vin has been one of the most driven and dynamic executives in the smart building space for many years.

A goal-driven visionary with demonstrated proficiency at planning and building businesses from concept, to operational, to long-term profitability with an outstanding history of guiding technology companies to achieve year over year revenue growth.

Vin has demonstrated expertise in applying analytical intelligence, entrepreneurial imagination and administrative ability to opportunities and is adept at positioning organisations as industry leaders and leveraging communication talents to negotiate successful mergers and acquisitions. If there is one person who knows this market and knows how installers can be successful in it, its Vin, come see what he has to say at EI Live!

Vin Bruno

Simon Honywill, sonic educationalist and senior sound consultant, Glastonbury Festival, Pyramid Stage.

As well as being ultimately responsible for one of the most high-profile live music stages on Earth, and enjoying a 38 year long and varied career as a live sound engineer working with the likes of Goldfrap, and being involved with events such as the closing ceremony for the London 2012 Paralympics, Simon loves to educate others on how sound actually works and how to get the best from it. Simon will help visitors get the best from their projects, by gaining a better understanding of what audio is and why it does what it does.

Simon says, “Sound is undoubtedly the primary human sense, and it is a source of constant frustration to me that it is so often overlooked, side-lined and compromised.

“I believe that the world could be a better place if people were better equipped to make sense of the sonic environment in which they live, and were prepared to think about sound in the same way they might about sight.”

Simon Honywill


Jorge Castro, CEO and R&D Manager for Artnovion

With a knack of demystifying what can be a complex subject, Jorge brings the subject of how to get things sounding right to life with a vivid enthusiasm.

Starting his career as an acoustic engineer specialising in product development, Jorge has a decade of experience serving clients such as the BBC, ITV, Microsoft Seattle, Google, Simply Red Studios, Jon Cohen, Macklemore, Rodney Studios and Ableton Studios.

Jorge is also founder and CEO of ARTNOVION – a new technological approach with ubiquitous design, mastered to bring a new set of acoustic treatment solutions and user sound experiences.

Jorge’s qualifications extend to the academic world too with a degree in Music Production and Technologies from ESMAE (IPP, Portugal), an MSc/PG in Audio Acoustics from Salford University (UK) and he is also currently studying Lean Manufacturing at University of Minho (Portugal).

Jorge Castro


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