DoorBird’s new D410 Smart Door Controller enables digital access to existing analogue door intercom and locking systems.

IP-based door intercom systems with an integrated access solution provide tremendous flexibility and security, especially for buildings with multiple residential or commercial units.

Access permissions can be remotely controlled with just a few clicks, eliminating the need to hand over physical keys, especially for the main entrance door. But what to do when investment resources for a complete modernization are lacking, or a change in the building fabric is not possible?

DoorBird now has a solution for this: The new D410 Smart Door Controller makes every door smart and enables digital access for existing analogue door intercom and locking systems with an electric door opener, especially for the main entrance door. 

Commonly used doors in residential and office buildings can be opened by authorised individuals such as residents, family members and friends, employees, handymen and other service providers via the intelligent door controller on the app or using a Bluetooth key fob remote control.

Installing the Smart Door Controller is designed to be quick and easy. Without having to change the building fabric, the DoorBird D410 can be installed out of sight behind the panel of the existing intercom system. 

The device features a mobile radio module, meaning only a low-voltage connection (15 V DC) is required at the site of installation. The power adapter is included in the scope of delivery. 

The device can also be operated via LAN/PoE as an alternative option. The door controller now only needs to be connected to the existing electric door opener.

The procedure for assigning digital keys is carried out remotely via an intuitive management interface in a web browser or via the app. 

Residents and employees can then conveniently open the door using the app or a Bluetooth key fob remote control. Automatic unlocking when approaching the building or the main entrance door is also possible at any time via the “geofencing” feature. 

Communication and door opening are encrypted in line with banking standards. Digital keys for the app and remote controls can be immediately blocked in real time if they are lost or stolen. 

Swapping out the lock cylinder is no longer necessary, and there is no need to copy or hand over the key again. 

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