URC has announced the launch of Total Control Accelerator 3 Operating System (OS) and several unified modules enabling integration across hundreds of climate, lighting, entertainment and security brand sub-systems and devices.

“The purpose of this new software innovation is to make residential and commercial automation system programming easier for our valued dealers while making the user experience simpler and more enjoyable,” states Mr. Chang K. Park, URC’s Founder and CEO. He continues, “Total Control Accelerator 3 enables a single interface for multiple sub-systems, so users can control devices and systems from different manufacturers with a single touch or simple voice command.”

The Total Control Accelerator 3 OS is an evolution of URC’s best-in-class operating system which allows its professional, certified dealers to quickly program and install automation systems. Its goal is to help dealers deliver exceptional user experiences more efficiently and increase their revenue and profit potential.

This new OS launched in two versions: Expressway and Experience.

Accelerator 3 Expressway OS is the beginner, introductory software that allows easy deployment of powerful systems in less time. It provides simple programming of large-scale control systems of up to 8 zones and features:

• Customizing the user interface with new backgrounds, icons, room images and more,

• Programming URC’s new HDA (high-resolution audio) distribution solution,

• Integrating powerful two-way modules including audio players, media players, climate control, lighting, security and thousands of other devices,

• Setting up voice service control for device activities,

• Training requires only one day to complete.

Accelerator 3 Experience OS powers full, rich automation experiences with advanced features like:

• Creating custom device drivers and advanced system customization,

• Deploying macro theory, including advance voice command control,

• Creating advanced programming of URC’s HDA high resolution audio distribution system,

• Creating automation sensors, Geo-fencing, NFC, timers, device events and more,

• Activating Scenes (day-part events) and IP camera integration,

• Programming off-site programming and control,

• Training requires two days and prior successful completion of Expressway training,

“Accelerator 3 Expressway and Experience are the engines that power rich URC user experiences, regardless of the project size, with easy, intuitive deployments for our certified dealers,” comments Russ Hoffman, who leads URC’s award-winning Training and Technical Support department. He explains, “This new software allows our dealer to focus on project elements that are more meaningful to the user.”

URC recently launched its latest innovation in high-definition audio (HDA) systems offering studio quality fidelity and easy installation. HDA is shipping to dealers now and is loaded with powerful features like ducking, full DSP and seamless integration with URC’s Total Control® Accelerator 3 OS.  

URC’s HDA components include efficient amplification up to 1200 watts per channel and 70 volts, 96 kHz/24-bit streaming, up to 8 stereo or 16 mono channel outputs, mic mixing, ducking, network audio sharing and parametric EQ. It is expandable up to 32 zones and can store up to 10 .WAV files per device.

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