To keep the conversation going in times of COVID-19, this spring one of the most influential architecture and design titles – Dezeen – launched the world’s first online design festival: Dezeen Virtual Design Festival

Since European Design is one of the core pillars of Philips TV & Sound, the brand partnered with the festival, which sees architects and designers from all over the world share their insights and thoughts through interviews, talks, lectures, movies, product launches.

As part of the collaboration Rod White – Chief Design Officer for TP Vision – will join an Online Talk with chief editor Marcus Fairs, available online on June 9.

Next to an Online Talk, Philips TV & Sound is also sponsoring a series of 10 screentime videos on European Design, all of which remain available online. Included are talks with a.o. Simon Skinner, Adam Nathaniel Furman and Jalila Essaidi.

Martijn Smelt, Chief Marketing Officer Europe Philips TV & Sound Europe at TP Vision says, “In these COVID-19 affected times we have noticed that some companies have cancelled all marketing activities. However, we find it important to continue engaging with our audience as a brand. By partnering with Dezeen, we have found a great way to reach our Philips TV & Sound audience and join the conversation about European design – one of the basic principles of our marketing strategy. Being part of the world’s first online design festival acknowledges the fact that Philips TV & Sound is increasingly perceived as a lifestyle brand.”

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