Dahua climbs to second in 2018 ranking, jumping up a place for the 5th time since 2014.

Distributor for the UK market, Habitech has reported that Dahua Technology has been promoted to second place in the globally influential Security 50 ranking.

Published by a&s, international security magazine for professional buyers, the Security 50 index lists global manufacturers by product sales revenue, gross profit, profit margin and net profit. Dahua Technology achieved its 2018 status by reaching a gross revenue of CNY 18,844,458,053.78 (USD 2.88 billion), representing a 41.38% year-on-year increase. The Security 50 listing is a reliable indicator of market dynamics, which makes Dahua’s fifth promotion in as many years especially significant.

Habitech says Dahua’s elevated Security 50 position is the result of the company’s commitment to its customers’ success, creating solutions based on true market needs. High investment in R&D over many years and a renewed focus on local service in a growing global marketplace have been cited by the company as reasons for its continuing ascendancy.

In 2018, Dahua Technology launched a series of AI products and solutions for numerous scenarios, enabling perimeter protection, face recognition and people counting.

Receiving wide recognition, Dahua AI algorithms have taken #1 places in a number of KITTI, ICDAR and MOT international challenges since 2016.                                   

Dahua Technology says itguarantees world-class service and quality by providing local support for sales, marketing, training, maintenance, remote and on-site backup in 180 countries and regions worldwide through overseas subsidiaries, service stations and representative offices.

In 2018, Dahua Technology launched ‘Heart of City’, a smart city development engine supported by Full Sensing, Full Intelligence, Full Computing, and Full Ecosystem capabilities to realise the construction of a new ‘1 platform, 2 centres, N applications’ (1+2+N) smart city framework for deployment at the city, industry, and commercial level.

In the same year, Dahua Technology opened a European Supply Centre to provide better customer service and faster delivery to European markets.

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