Crestron expands Zoom Enterprise offerings with solutions for booking meetings and joining video conferences from the desktop to boardroom. 

Crestron Electronics, the global player in workplace collaboration technology, announces certification for the Videobar 70 and intelligent video cameras and introduces a new Zoom Phone Appliance  and Scheduling Panel with Zoom Rooms software. These latest updates are part of Crestron’s commitment to further developing a portfolio for Zoom customers with new options that ease their daily workflows says the company.

“With Crestron and Zoom, our shared customers know they can expect a high-quality and reliable collaboration experience throughout their enterprise, and Crestron continues to evolve our native Zoom solutions to add even more offerings,” says Brad Hintze, EVP Global Marketing at Crestron. “Our announcements today reaffirm our commitment to providing our customers with innovative solutions that enhance their Zoom experience.”

All-in-One Collaboration Bar and Intelligent Video Cameras Now Certified

Crestron’s first all-in-one collaboration bar, the Videobar 70, has been put to the test and approved by the Zoom team as a high-performing audio and video device for the Zoom Rooms software. Built on Android OS, the collaboration bar offers four high-resolution cameras with intelligent video capabilities, enabling speaker tracking, group framing, conversation mode and beamforming microphones into one front-of-room solution. The Videobar 70 can detect speakers up to a 30-foot distance, making it a unique product targeting medium and large conference rooms. Paired with a Crestron touch screen native to the Zoom Rooms platform, one-touch meeting joins and in-meeting control are only a tap away for users.

For rooms that require optical PTZ cameras for presenter tracking and group framing, the AutoTracker and AutoFramer intelligent video cameras are now officially certified for the Zoom Rooms collaboration platform. Suitable for training rooms and classrooms, the AutoTracker cameras enable presenters to speak and move around naturally with the confidence that remote participants will be able to see them within the frame of the presentation area. The AutoFramer camera automatically adjusts the camera to frame all in-room participants, which is a good match for conference room meetings. Within this quarter, Zoom will also certify the Hawk, which features dual 12x optical PTZ cameras that seamlessly show the active speaker by automatically matching audio location to the closest detected face.

Zoom Phone Alliances Debut

The Crestron Phone product line now includes a Zoom Phone Appliance optimized for individual desktop use in the office or at home. Available in 8in and 10in touch screen models, the high-resolution display provides a dedicated meeting device with a camera and 360-degree audio pickup, allowing users to keep their desktops available for other focused work. With the rise of hot desk stations and permanent remote workers, the Crestron Zoom Phone Appliance offers both populations a companion device to reduce overloading their PC for task-switching and improve their productivity.

Scheduling Panel with Zoom Software

Crestron will now offer a native Zoom Scheduling Panel for a consistent user experience both inside and outside of the room for organisations standardised on the Zoom Rooms platform. Crestron has historically offered certified scheduling solutions for Zoom, but this new product SKU will simplify and streamline the ordering process.

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