Connected Distribution Introduces MuxMeet Video Conferencing Solutions

MuxLab’s innovative MuxMeet Wireless Presentation and Video Conferencing Solution is being introduced by Connected Distribution, to service the growing demand for home working and collaborative video conferencing systems.

The MuxMeet range of products enables companies’ workforce, customers and business partners to share content and presentations and to communicate clearly and professionally, increasing productivity and efficiency of meetings. It is also ideally suited to the education and healthcare sectors, says the distributor.

The product range comprises the MuxMeet Videobar, Share Base, Share Base-2, Share Dongles, Tablet-1, Tabletop Panel and Mini PC, which can be used in a variety of configurations depending upon the exact requirements of the users.

In its simplest guise, meeting participants can dispense with the poor-quality cameras and speakers in their laptops by connecting the MuxMeet Videobar via USB to the computer and HDMI to the TV screen. It also comes into its own when used in a larger meeting room situation as it is fitted with four microphones, an eight-watt full frequency speaker and 4K PTZ 120-degree camera with auto tracking and auto framing. DSP acoustic echo cancellation ensures clear sound, and the camera can be set to follow or zoom in to pre-set locations, such as a white board at the back of the room, at the press of a button.

The Share Base-1 is a wireless presentation module that replaces the traditional Pro-AV switch found in typical meeting rooms. It has been created to make sharing content an easy experience regardless of the user’s platform. iOS devices stream natively via AirPlay, Android users can download the Muxlab BYOD app (Bring Your Own Device) from Google Play, Windows and Mac users can connect via the BYOD app or by using the Muxlab Share Dongles (HDMI or USB-C).

Simultaneous screen sharing and video conferencing is achieved by using the Share Base-2 and MuxMeet Videobar combination. Share Base-2 meets today’s hybrid workforce’s requirements, supporting not only local presentation sharing, but collaboration with remote participants. Conference calls can be hosted using many of the popular solutions, such as Zoom, Teams and Webex. Users can also share their screens wirelessly using the same technologies employed in the Share Base-1.

Ease of use

Plug and play Share Dongles, with either HDMI or USB-C connections, allow meeting participants using Windows or Mac laptops to wirelessly share content at the push of a button. They provide a good solution for visiting participants who won’t necessarily have the MuxMeet BYOD app installed on their computers.

For more permanent and heavy use situations, or use in shared offices, the combination of the MuxMeet Tablet-1 and Mini PC-1 provides the ultimate in flexibility and control, says the maker. The Mini PC-1 becomes the heart of the system, running the video conferencing software and connecting to the MuxMeet Videobar, TV and the LAN. The touch screen Tablet-1 can be desk mounted and is perfect for controlling the video conferencing software and scheduling conference rooms.

Connected Distribution’s product director Mike Bonnette, commenting on the introduction of MuxMeet says, “The global pandemic changed the workplace beyond recognition, with almost 45% of the UK’s population working from home in April 2020, up from just 6% in January of the same year. And, while this has dropped off since the peak, there is now a definite trend for hybrid working with staff splitting their time between office and home.

“This provides huge opportunity for technology companies to service the new model of working, to provide a seamless communications experience whether in the office or remotely. MuxMeet is a very simple to use, but hugely powerful solution from MuxLab, a company famed for its robust distributed AV and broadcast products. MuxMeet offers the flexibility required for many different situations, enviable reliability and comes at a very affordable price, making this cutting-edge technology available to all.”

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