CEDIA is now working the CPA (Credit Protection Association) to assist its members in recovering debt and to offer legal advice.

The CPA allows companies to input their customer’s details and how much they owe; this will then be followed up by the CPA contacting the debtor directly, reminding them of their need to pay.

CPA clients usually receive payment by return or an immediate response following their instructions to CPA.

According to the CPA, over 84% of all matters referred to them are settled to everyone’s liking, with payment in full.

CPA clients will receive a full written money-back guarantee, underwriting the cost effectiveness and performance of the ‘DebtRecoveryLINK’ overdue account recovery service.

The CPA could help CEDIA members in the following ways:

• Credit Reports – with monitoring and alerts for all Limited companies, PLC’s and LLP’s.

• Credit Reports – non-corporate businesses within Great Britain.

• Overdue Account Recovery – action via ‘Debtlink’ for all UK and overseas debtors. Money recovered goes straight to our members, with average 84% recovered within 18 days of instruction.

• Litigation service for few who do not pay on our ‘Debtlink’ service. No win, no fee, on B2B debts, subject to conditions.

• ‘VerifyLink’ – address people service finder throughout UK

• ‘MarketingLink’ – sales prospects/suppliers source screen search and download of files.

• Companies ‘DefaultersLink’ – privileged access to see when other CPA subscribers have not been paid by specific companies.

• Tracing – instructions to field agents to find ‘gone missing’ debtors.

• Legal Commercial Advice – telephone helpline open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,  365 days a year for all aspects of commercial law.

• Telephone Helpdesk –  advice and assistance from CPA to members.

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