QED has announced the ‘Performance Audio 40’ interconnect cable, which has been specifically designed for the transmission of stereo, line level analogue audio signals.

The new cable completes the upgrades and redesigns to QED’s entire ‘phono to phono’ range, which began on its 40th anniversary in 2013.

Jack Fox, QED’s brand manager, states: “Everyone at QED is very confident that Performance Audio 40 is going to be a great success. It incorporates the advanced asymmetric ‘Complementary Conductor’ geometry first introduced in QED’s acclaimed high end ‘Reference’ and ‘Signature’ interconnects and delivers unprecedented performance, build quality and value at its price.”

Performance Audio 40 comes complete with two complementary 99.999% pure, oxygen free copper, multi-stranded conductors of different dimensions.

These design elements combined are said to reduce swirling ‘eddy currents’ in the plug, which should, in theory, help maintain the fidelity of the delicate audio signal from start to finish.

QED has also included three layers of electrical isolation; including a ‘floating’ ferrite jacket.

The company says that the result of all these features is a cable that ‘always conveys the rhythm, timing and enjoyment of the music’.

Performance Audio 40 will also get QED’s standard lifetime guarantee when users purchase one.

Prices start at £39.95 for 0.6m, quickly rising to £64.95 for the 3m cable. All four variations of the cable will be available in July.

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