Habitech is expanding its cable offering with Cleerline’s 4k2kHDMITC extender set, which allows the transmission of 4K HDMI signals up to 300m using a single fibre optic cable.

Cleerline’s 4k2kHDMITC utilises the bandwidth boost provided by fibre versus copper and is designed as an ultra-high performance alternative to the standard RJ45/Cat Cable infrastructure.

Habitech says that it transforms the capacity and range of HDMI distribution to accommodate 4K/UHD signals at distances up to 300m from the standard 70m maximum and without the distortion associated with legacy CAT copper.

Recommended for use with OM2 or greater multimode fibre, the 4k2kHDMITC extender set also offers built-in diagnostic LEDs, micro-USB power supplies and hassle-free fibre installation at each end through Cleerline’s SSF (Stronger, Safer, Faster) fibre design and termination.

According to Habitech, the installation advantages of a much more compact fibre diameter versus copper (3mm v 6.2mm) mean that in addition to boosting performance dramatically, the slimline extender set removes the necessity of an entire HDMI lead per output from the matrix, cutting the install space required for a neater, easier result.

The new Cleerline balun measures only 60mm X 10mm X 22mm compared with the 55mm x 22mm x 85mm dimensions of a UTP extender.

Cleerline is backed by Habitech’s commitment to regular hands-on training, readily available stock, pre and post-sales support and system specification.

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