Habitech has become the first distributor of ultra-PoE products to UK-based custom installers, with the company adding the new Planet range to its distribution portfolio.

The Planet range of UPoE network infrastructure products promise to deliver up to 60W per port, doubling the power available from the PoE+ (802.at) standard to meet the growing demand from high power consuming PDs such as large PTZ cameras, amplifiers etc.

Increasing network power demands have led the IEEE to progressively upgrade PoE standards, moving from the IEEE 802.3af spec for 15.4W of DC power to the IEEE 802.3at (PoE+) standard, which provides up to 25.5W.

Its new 802.3bt standard shifts the power game upward, using all four conductor pairs to deliver as much as 60W per port: over twice the power of existing high-power PoE switches. What’s more, by injecting power into all four pairs, cable losses can be reduced by 50% (assuming that the current remains the same).

Running on today’s 10Gb networks, UPoE prepares the way for the next generation of IoT devices requiring greater power, such as 802.11ac wireless access points, large PTZ surveillance cameras, network routers, access control and even PoE lighting.

With 802.3bt Ultra PoE, manufacturers will have the freedom to create PoE lighting solutions that surpass 802.3at’s 30W limitation.

Habitech’s Planet UPoE range includes 802.3bt Switches, Extenders and Injector Hubs, which enable PoE in networks that don’t have a PoE-capable switch. There are 16 and 24 port UPoE switches: the GS-4210-16UP4C and GS-4210-24UP4C with 400W and 600W power budgets and intelligent diagnostics for copper, fibre, PD alive check and PoE scheduling; an Ultra PoE to 4-Port PoE+ Gigabit Switch, IPOE-E174, which distributes power to four PoE+ devices and a range of accessories including an Ultra PoE splitter, the POE-171S and the POE-172, a single-port Gigabit Ultra PoE injector.

The Planet UPoE range will complement Habitech’s expanding line-up of high performance wired and wireless infrastructure products, including the Draytek routers, the proven power of Ruckus Wave2 Wi-Fi APs, Aten’s new CI-optimised power switching and monitoring, Cleerline fibre and state-of-the-art SCP CAT copper.

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