FS Cables stock the TruSound range of professional grade audio and speaker cables.

High-end audio installations demand accurate signal with minimum loss of quality. TruSound cables use oxygen-free copper (OFC) conductors – the highest purity copper that has been refined to minimise the oxygen content to optimise performance.

These high-performance cables include the 16AWG, 14AWG & 12AWG speaker cables in two or four core configurations. These are available in PVC pink, LSHF violet and LSHF white for easy identification.

Stocked on 100m, 200m, 500m reels or cut-to-length, meaning installers only need buy what they need, reducing both their costs and wastage.

To complement the range of TruSound high performance speaker cables, FS Cables has added a 16/4 speaker cable with a white ‘super smooth’ gloss jacket.

The jacket has a shiny, slick feel compared to regular PVC promising to be even easier to work with. It generates less friction when running alongside other cables and makes for easier pulls and routing.

Installers wishing to check out the cables should contact FS Cables’ sales team on 01727 840 841 for a sample.

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