Domestic USB charging points continue to grow in popularity with homeowners, and Knightsbridge (UK manufacturer of wiring devices, accessories, and lighting) is lending its weight to the roll out with the introduction of 230V 13A two-gang switched sockets that support FASTCHARGE* in two USB ports.

The sockets have either a Type-A USB port, for the most encountered chargers and a Type-C, fast becoming the device charging standard; or two Type-A ports. In either combination, however, both ports are FASTCHARGE enabled. This means that a device compatible with QC2.0/ QC3.0 (Quick Charge) or PD FASTCHARGE can achieve up to a 50% charge in 30 minutes or less.

Both outlets are capable of delivering between 5V DC and 12V DC at a maximum of 3A. Standard charging mode provides up to 10W for both USB types; although charging rates depend on the type of device, for instance, mobile phones ‘determine’ how much power to draw.

The total output is a maximum of 4A when both outlets are in use. Knightsbridge says its sockets are unique in the market in being able to shift voltages up to 9 or 12V in either port to achieve 18W.

For instance, the typical Type-C smartphone will draw a maximum of 3A. FASTCHARGE increases that to 18W by switching up the voltages so that 12V x 1.5A = 18W. On the other hand, competitor products will typically be at 15W (5V x 3A = 15W), says the maker.

The Knightsbridge FASTCHARGE ports are recognisable over standard items with a distinctive orange port insert colour. Finish options for both socket types include Matt White, Matt Black and Brushed Chrome from the Screwless range and Brushed Chrome in Raised Edged Square. A choice of pin inserts in white, grey or black is available for all Brushed Chrome models.

Finally, all Knightsbridge USB FASTCHARGE 13A two-gang switched sockets are warrantied for two years.

*Apple devices do not support PD FASTCHARGE, but the use of certified cables will achieve an optimum charge rate of up to 5V 3A.

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