Tom Shelbourne, audio visual engineer and owner of the brand, has a question for installers: “Have you ever tried to pull cables from a hole two inches from floor level, straight up a wall past insulation and in some cases past noggins? Or have you attempted to push rods through a wall filled with insulation?

“Ask any tradesman these questions and it is guaranteed that 90% of them will swear by trunking lid to pull cables, why? This is because trunking lid is flat and can be bent which at first glance seems like the perfect solution to these everyday problems. Unfortunately, MT2 lid can be bent once and then it fails.”

Whilst travelling in Australia, Tom noticed that many tradesmen had the same tool in their arsenal, a flat plastic strip, which could be bent into shape, bent backwards and twisted.

Tom realised this simple plastic strip would be the perfect implement for pulling cables past insulation and through difficult spaces.

After returning to the UK, Tom developed Cable Tongue.

Created to be easy to use, the installer tapes the cables to the tongue, bends the end if needed to get around a tight radius and pushes the tongue into the wall.

Tom says it won’t veer to one side, it won’t catch on insulation, but it will slide up the wall and pop out of the exit hole.

Ultimately the product speeds up time spent pulling cables with minimal damage to walls and other cables.

The company is not resting on its laurels however, as Cable Tongue Pro is currently in development offering further enhancements which will be available this year.

The product is available through Alltrade Distribution for under ten pounds.

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