Coastal Source has revealed its patent pending Modulus line, a solid brass modular fixture system designed to offer professional audio and lighting designers all the tools needed to create customised solutions from out-of-the-box components. The bullet speaker line is designed to survive in the harshest outdoor environments.

“Our experience in high performance outdoor lighting and audio allows us to combine the two technologies into hybrid single fixtures that reduce clutter and costs,” says Franco D’Ascanio president, Coastal Source.

“The Modulus line was developed to create a diverse selection of lighting fixtures and speakers from a few modular components. For the creative designer and installer, Modulus offers all the tools to create a customised system for each outdoor environment that other solutions cannot replicate.”

Like all Coastal Source systems, Modulus fixtures incorporate the manufacturer’s patented Plug+Play cabling system and the manufacturer claims that the rigid solid brass enclosure, custom coaxial driver with ‘rare earth magnets’, sandwich cone technology and high quality component crossover combine to create ‘superior sound quality’.

High power handling is also reportedly ensured due to thermal management of directly coupling the driver to the brass enclosure and built-in tweeter protection. 

The compact, 4.5in diameter enclosure features a full 4in driver with a proprietary threaded mounting system to maximize the piston area. Dual-purpose models offer stereo in one enclosure, passive radiators for increased bass response and sound/light hybrids.

Phase one of the line (available Q4 2015) includes the directional Bullet Speaker, the Bullet Speaker with passive radiator – a directional speaker with a rear firing passive radiator for enhanced bass and ambient sound field and the Di-pole Bullet Speaker, a directional bullet speaker with active drivers on both sides allowing stereo or dual mono operation to service two opposing listening areas with one speaker.

Phase two (available Q1 2016) comprises the Hybrid Speaker/Light – an Ellipse Bollard speaker featuring a lighting shroud capable of handling (3) MR16 lamps or a total of up to 27W and output in excess of 2,000 lumens, the Ellipse Bollard – an angled baffle speaker offering high performance sound in a contemporary style, the Ellipse Bollard with passive radiator, a directional speaker with down-firing passive radiator for enhanced bass and ambient sound field, not forgetting the Dual Ellipse Bollard semi-directional speaker with active drivers on both sides allowing stereo or dual mono operation, providing a full 180 degree dispersion and criss cross stereo coverage of the listening area.

Moving on to the patent pending Ellipse Bollard speakers, these comprise a line of angles baffle speakers for outdoor environments.

Available now, the 10.0 2-Way Ellipse Bollard speaker and 10.0 Ellipse Bollard 7×10 subwoofer incorporate a sleek design that can be easily hidden within a landscape.

According to the manufacturer, the large driver area compared to conventional outdoor speakers offers higher performance, higher efficiency and higher fidelity, whilst providing installation flexibility for above-ground or in-ground applications.

This model is built to be part of a complete patented Coastal Source Plug+Play system, or can be easily integrated into existing systems.

“The Ellipse Bollard speaker line was developed to create all the performance advantages of large tower speakers in an elegant outdoor speaker package that has a small visual footprint especially when buried,” says Franco.

“The Ellipse Bollard speakers are equally at home and stylish on a patio, pool deck, or integrated into the landscape.”

LVZ International is the manufacturer’s international rep firm.

For more information on Coastal Source, click here.

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