Bowers & Wilkins has extended its wireless capabilities with the introduction of the Formation Flex, claimed to be the highest quality sound ever found in a standalone wireless speaker of its size.

The Formation Flex features the same tweeter technology found in the award winning 600 series speakers, so the consumer gets the same clear sound quality of the company’s wired speaker. Designed to be versatile the Formation Flex can be used independently, paired with another Formation Flex for stereo sound, or any other Formation speaker for a whole home audio system including the Formation Bar for a 5.1 set up. The maker says Formation Flex lives up to the exacting immersive, high-fidelity standards of Bowers & Wilkins while continuing to redefine ‘wireless audio’ standards in the industry.

“The Formation Flex is incredibly quick and easy to set up with our streamlined user interface. It takes just a few minutes to set up and start playing your music,” says Bowers & Wilkins CEO, Greg Lee. “Once again, we’re introducing world class modern design – a product that is purposely built for superior acoustics, but designed to fit into your home aesthetic and make a statement. And one of the key  features is the full home scalability, the Flex lets the consumer expand through the entire home with additional Formation products that we introduced in the Spring.”

Exclusive Formation Wireless Technology combines

  • Perfected Speaker Synchronisation – an industry-defining, completely immersive soundstage experience, due to an imperceptible in-room 1 microsecond sync between speakers.
  • Patented Robust Mesh Network – developed to run independently from your home Wi-Fi network for seamless sound- 96/24 Bit Audio Resolution.
  • High resolution streaming with twice the fidelity than the leading wireless speaker brand for the purest and clearest audio experience Bowers & Wilkins performance sound.
  • With over 50 years of performance acoustic technology built into
  • Formation Audio experience high fidelity sound like no other wireless system.
  • Decoupled Double Dome Tweeter – Our tweeter technology is derived from our 600 Series ensuring the highest quality high end from a fully expressive soundstage.
  • World class engineering – Designed and tuned by the same Bowers & Wilkins engineers that created the legendary 800 Series Diamond.
  • Dynamic EQ – by optimising the performance of the system in real time it allows for higher level performance, with less distortion than other wireless speakers.

Additional Features

  • Quick & easy set up – streamlined user interface takes just minutes to set up and start playing.
  • World class modern design – purposely built for superior acoustics, but designed to fit into your home aesthetic and make a statement.
  • Full home scalability – expand through the entire home with additional formation products.
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