Invision is delighted to announce that Origin Acoustics’ Bollard loudspeaker is now in stock –a good time to please customers looking for some exterior music delivery.

Invision says the Bollard loudspeaker has been carefully designed for long-lasting outdoor installation. The subwoofer and wiring are safely buried in an underground conduit for a seamless finish and solid connectivity and the speaker’s anodised aluminium enclosure ensures it will not lose its good looks.

The acoustic lens design is in place to spread sound evenly across the outdoor area and allows the music to extend to the furthest reaches of the area its installed into.

The 70v transformer, with 30w, 50w and an 8Ω tap, ensures the Bollards can be configured in a single or multi-speaker format. The DSP settings for the Bollard, in the Origin DSP3-100 and DSP3-700 amplifiers, assure peak performance across the entire system, says Invision.

The speakers are available with round or square enclosures and in three finishes: brushed aluminum, bronze or ash black.

Mark Taylor, Invision’s commercial director, says, ‘The Bollard is a welcome addition to our portfolio of premium products and offers a sensational outdoor sound solution for our customers.”

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