AWE is delighted to announce the arrival of the Amazon Alexa Smart Home Skill integration for URC’s Total Control 2.0 control system to the UK market. This new integration with the Alexa-enabled Amazon Echo, Echo Dot and Amazon Fire TV, welcomes a host of control possibilities for installs with URC’s new Total Control 2.0 platform.

The integration of Alexa-enabled devices with URC Total Control allows homeowners to utilise voice commands to complete programmed macros without the need for a button press. As consumer awareness on voice activation devices has increased, this new update from URC provides an established and professional installer-ready option for the popular Amazon Echo and Echo Dot devices. With simple, intuitive commands, homeowners can select TV programmes, activate whole-home music systems, control window shading, adjust lighting and much more. Any individual Total Control macro can be controlled via the Alexa integration.

This new module works by using Alexa Smart Home Skills. With these skills, Alexa-enabled devices can respond to either of the following two commands: “Alexa … TURN ON” and “Alexa … TURN OFF”. URC has created a useful guide for installers to understand more about integrating Alexa home automation and control into a Total Control macro.

The newly-upgraded AWE Smart Apartment benefits from URC Total Control 2.0 integration with Amazon Alexa. Voice commands can now be used in the Smart Apartment, activating pre-set scenes such as “daytime”, “party” and “chill out.” These commands activate the lighting, AV and the shading to achieve the desired mood. Installers are encouraged to use this space for customer demonstrations to discuss future projects and the possibilities that the URC Total Control 2.0 system provides.

With Total Control 2.0, installers can personalise a URC system using a fully customisable colour scheme. They can also add images to help define room, scene and background settings. Either single devices or scenes can take preference on the interface to meet the individual needs of homeowners. Up to 100 scenes can be pre-programmed for immediate access to a specific command.

Total Control 2.0 is available via a portal to all URC dealers from AWE. As well as access to the latest releases and URC hardware, AWE also provides training at its Smart Home Academy centre. A URC Total Control specific course is available, with attendees learning the benefits of the Accelerator software and the intricacies of the Total Control system alongside AV devices and third-party systems.

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