APEX-TECH UK underlines that one of the major challenges that integrators have faced over the last two years is the availability of stock. The company says that it is no secret that even the best resourced manufacturers are quoting lead times well into 2023 and this severely impacts on an integrator’s ability to plan their workload and ability to deliver a project in a timely and profitable fashion.

Apex-Tech UK, helped by the company’s manufacturing partners, are pleased to launch it’s ‘QuickShip’ programme of popular models available directly from local stock to minimise waiting times. 

The programme launches with Display Technologies, giving dealer partners fast access to popular SKUs of screens and projector mounting solutions. Delivery times can be as little as 3 days on 16:9 and Cinemascope Frontier projection screens from 270cm to 330cm wide and on VMMv2 mirror mounts, CM ceiling mounts and PHG portholes.

ATUK’s Alan Briggs, says, “Planning headaches and project delays are easily solved by using QuickShip. Integrators now have fast access to high quality, off the shelf projection screens and mounting solutions that are currently taking up to 12 weeks to source from other manufacturers. All DT screens are still shipped in robust crates that never exceed 3m thus simplifying delivery and reducing the risk of transit damage, another important factor when it comes to maintaining profitability.”

Contact the company for full terms and conditions.

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