Antiference is pleased to announce that the company is forming a new partnership with Global Invacom to exclusively supply and support FibreIRS (FIRS) products in the UK & Ireland.

This new agreement commences on February 1, 2024 and enables continuity of supply of these market leading products to the professional trade.

Global Invacom designed and developed in-building FibreIRS products in 2004 and will continue to manufacture the products in the company’s own facility and supply them to Antiference to distribute in the UK & Ireland.

Antiference was identified by Global Invacom as the ideal partner to distribute FIRS products for several crucial reasons. Antiference has ample warehouse space in its facility in Lichfield, Staffordshire to handle the stock effectively. The company also has a county-wide network of independent wholesalers and distributors who supply the trade with professional products and Global FIRS products seamlessly fit into this system of distribution.

Furthermore, Antiference can provide a complete support service including system design, advice plus assistance during and after the installation. This service is carried out with the company’s highly experienced technical team, headed up by industry fibre expert, Matt Presdee who worked for Global Invacom for 10 years and was involved in developing certain products in the range.

Matt has spent many years working with these products, designing systems and supporting them so is best placed to offer a comprehensive support service to the professional trade, says Antiference.

Fresh opportunities

The new partners add that this exciting new partnership firmly places Global Invacom FIRS products at the forefront of the market with a reputable and long-standing company in Antiference offering a solid supply service as well as a reliable and complete support service.

Global Invacom FIRS range when first developed pioneered RF optical fibre distribution technology with the use of a single laser system which simplified the process and brought the cost of the systems down significantly.

This new process had an overwhelmingly positive response in the industry with installers adopting the new system and enjoying all that it brings. Installers were able to attend training courses and learn best practices for the installation of these products including the handling of the fibre and highlighting the importance of cleaning the cables etc. These courses were often hosted by the independent distributors and delivered by the Global Invacom technical team.

With Antiference as supply partner to Global Invacom, these courses will continue to be available enabling installers to learn how to handle fibre products so watch this space for a training course coming near you soon.

The Global Invacom FIRS system comprises of several products that optimise the distribution of satellite broadcast services in multi-dwelling unit buildings using a single antenna. The platform includes cables and optical splitters, termination units and switches. This combination of products in the range enables systems of large and small scale over potentially long distances to send satellite and terrestrial TV signal from a single antenna to multiple points with almost no limit to the number of points available. Examples of applications are apartment blocks, hotels, caravan parks and holiday villages.

For more information on system design and for support on these products, contact Antiference directly on or

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