Trade distributor Aldous Systems has announced that the company will be an official distribution partner for the ELAN control system effective January 1, 2019.

Aldous Systems have been serving the custom install channel for 16 years providing a range of CI brands across the UK and Ireland. This recent addition compliments the existing portfolio of products and solutions and will be available to Aldous Systems trade customers stand alone or in conjunction with other Aldous Systems brands.

Managing director of Aldous Systems, Jason Aldous, says, “We are very excited about this new addition to our portfolio. ELAN really has got some amazing capabilities. Control systems on the market today seem to fit into two categories, they are either templated and the installer has limited user interface customisation ability, but they are quick to programme, or they are fully customisable, but they take much longer to programme and can be cost prohibitive.

Sales and marketing manager at patent company of ELAN, Nortek, Phil Davis, says, “We are thrilled to have Aldous Systems on board. They have a strong technical background and a unique focus to customer service and will be a real asset as we grow the customer base with our award-winning ELAN Controls platform. We are looking forward to working with Aldous Systems and their customers in the new year.”

“ELAN seem to have got the balance just right as you can programme a system very quickly with their templated user interface, but you also have the freedom to customise them if you need to. I also love the fact that you don’t have to spend hours creating endless macros to switch different AV sources to different rooms. It just figures it out for you.”

Aldous Systems says that it has stock on route due to land early in the new year and are ready to support ELAN veterans as well as people new to ELAN. Online training is available now so installers new to ELAN can start to get up to speed at their own pace from anywhere and then they can take a hands-on training course to get to grips with the system.

Aldous Systems is also geared up ready to offer installer tech support for existing and new projects. More information is available direct from Aldous Systems.

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