Avoke has been appointed as the official distributor to the UK CI market by Ideal Networks, manufacturer of category cable testers and diagnostics products. Avoke will be selling this respected brand’s complete range of verifiers, qualifiers and certifiers.

With ‘Proof of Performance’ at its heart, Avoke says it is hoping Ideal Networks products will be able to reduce the frustrations felt by many installers on site.

Intermittent faults, picture degradation or worst still a complete breakdown in audio or video, leads to angry consumers, site revisits and a loss of faith in systems, kit and potently the installer too.

Avoke underlines that many, if not all of these issues, are avoidable when using products from Ideal Networks.

Correctlyverifying and qualifying the already installed cable infrastructure before work is carried outwould identify if problems will arise further down the line. Installers often turn up to site where cables have been run by others or are restricted by what is in the wall already. 

Having tested the cable infrastructure before commencing work, this would confirm that the cabling will support a defined bandwidth and technology, and that any faults lay with the source, configuration of the equipment or functionality.

The Ideal Networks family is designed to deliver peace of mind at every stage of a project.  

To introduce the brand to installers, Avoke will be running training courses for all installers who purchase a VDV II, SignalTEK, SecuriTEST IP and LanTEK IV.  The courses will start in January 2020 and will cover cable infrastructure and how to use and understand the Ideal Networks range. More details can be found on the Avoke website.

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