CAVD is gearing up for Essential Install Live! South, with the company announcing that Nakymatone’s invisible speakers will be available for demonstration at the show.

The company recently announced that it will be exclusively distributing the speakers in the UK, with Nakymatone’s invisible speakers supposedly amongst the easiest to install in the industry.

To demonstrate just how easy the speakers are to install, the company has produced an installation guide which is claims is ‘child’s play’.

It isn’t just about ease of installation for Nakymatone however, with the company also promising that its speakers are the ‘best sounding’ in the industry.

While that is a big claim, the company is hoping to back that up with a patented design which is said to deliver a natural and high quality musical performance.

Visitors to Essential Install Live! South will be able to experience the speakers for themselves, with Nakymatone promising to distribute all frequencies 180° both vertically and horizontally.

Those wanting to check out the Nakymatone at Essential Install Live! South will be able to register for free entry over at the show’s website.

Nakymatone Installation from Jake Koesen on Vimeo.

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